Standardize Project Repositories and Presentation

Prepared by: Hasaranga Jayathilake, Supraja Pericherla & Prakashini Reddy

Create a Repository as the template for the lab project.

* If your project already has a polis-comet-lab repository, you do not need to follow this instruction part.

  • 2. Click the “Use this template” green-coloured button.

  • 3. Then select “Create a new repository” from the drop-down menu that comes from the Use this template.

  • 4. Give the name of the project. (make sure to use only lowercase letters and underscores for spaces between words.)

  • 5. Give a short appropriate description of the project that you create.

  • 6. Keep the repository in Internal mode.

  • 7. “Un-ticked” the “Include all branches”.

You have generated the standardized repository to document your project!

The file structure of the template

The template has been created based on the file structure below, which is the standardized file structure for the Comet Lab project to be completed. You can add as many documents as required for your project. However, make sure to distribute those files within the folders that have been given in the template.

Project name/
|── data/
|   |── raw/
|   │   |── dataset.csv
|   │   └── ...
|   └── processed/
│          |── clean_data.csv
│          └── ...
|── notebooks/
|   |── 01_.ipynb
|   |── 02_.ipynb
|   └── ...
|── source/
|   |──
|   |──
│   └── ...
|── reports/
|   |── figures/
|   |      └── ...
|   └── final_report.pdf
|── info_received (If you receive what expected do as document under this topic include that)
|── requirements.txt (this file must add to show the packages utilized for the work to be done)
└── .gitignore (Optional)

Editing the file

  • 1. Navigate to the main page of the repository that you created or the project that you assigned.

  • 2. From the list of files, click on the “” file.

  • 3. Once you are inside the file,

  • a. On the right corner of the file view, click on the pencil icon to open the file editor.

  • 4. Content under the following headings must be on each file of each project.

## Aim of the Project:

– One or two sentences on the aim of the project.

## Stakeholders:

– Name the beneficiaries who will use the output of the project.

## Expected Outcomes / Deliverables of the project:

– Each deliverable that will be created at the end of the project should be listed in bullet points.

## Project Status

– Identify each task/step that needs to be done for the project and create a table.

– Make sure to update this table as you progress through your project.

– Keep a record of any issues or critical events that occur during each task in the remark’s column.

| Task                    | Status         | Remark                                          |
| Data Collection         | In Progress    |Received - 11/01/2023, but not the final dataset.|
| Data Preprocessing      | Completed      |Completed on 11/14/2023                          |
| Exploratory Analysis    | In Progress    |                                                 |

You have finalized the content of the file of your project!

Connect the repository with the project group.

* If your repository is not yet connected with the group follow this instruction otherwise skip to the next.

  • 1. Click the “project” tab in the top row.

  • 2. Click the “Link a project” button.

  • 3. Search and select the relevant project that is assigned to you.

You have connected with your repository with the project group.!