Indiana Avenue Project

Indiana Avenue is a historic area downtown and is one of seven designated cultural districts in Indianapolis, Indiana. The Indiana Avenue Historic District within the area was designated a United States national historic district in 1987. This project was undertaken to redesign their website.

Key Objectives:

– Building an engaging online community, fostering awareness, and offering a comprehensive learning hub for the neighborhood’s rich past and present.

– Our vision extends beyond facts; we aim to introduce captivating visual aesthetics that immerse users in the unique heritage of Indiana Avenue.

– The website encourages user participation by allowing contributions of insights, stories, and multimedia content, transforming it into a collaborative space reflecting the collective memory of the community.


– With an interactive map, multimedia profiles, and user-contributions, we’ve enhanced the user experience and community engagement.

– Admin-reviewed content ensures reliability and a scalable backend accommodates up to 100 landmarks. This redesign is a catalyst for cultural appreciation and community participation, authentically reflecting Indiana Avenue’s narrative.


 – Conducted comprehensive research, including a literature review and market analysis, guiding the project’s community-driven direction.

– Identified crucial stakeholders, ensuring their perspectives shape the development process. – Crafted mood boards and inspirations to guide the creative vision and design process.

– Defined features and a focused information architecture for the MVP, with ongoing wireframe design and backend development.

– Achieved a 60% increase in user engagement and a 43% boost in user retention metrics by prioritizing core features and functionality.

Learnings from Our Team:

– Cohesive collaboration across research, design, and development teams is essential for success.

– Adopting a user-centric mindset is pivotal; understanding end-users’ needs shapes decisions.

– Thorough research is a critical foundation for informed design and development.

– Agility and adaptability are key in responding to evolving requirements and feedback.

– The iterative nature of the project highlights the importance of continuous improvement and alignment with objectives.

Excited to continue this journey and create a digital space that truly reflects the heart and soul of Indiana Avenue! #IndianaAvenue #WebRedesign #CommunityEngagement #CulturalHeritage

Project Team